The Count of Monte Cristo


In English class, we started reading the book The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ll have to admit, I thought the book would be a bit boring, because I knew it would contain all sorts of analyzing and meaningful illusions and stuff. As I read further though, I thought the book was pretty interesting and had a lot of twists and turns. We did our first B.R.A.W.L. in class, which is sort of like a Socratic seminar. The initials stands for Battle Royal All Will Learn. It covers the specific, comparison, organization, unusual, and theme of the book. What we did last Tuesday was that the teacher had one of the students from each group (that we assigned ourselves into) do the BRAWL, but the victim would be the one that had the most letters in their last name. One person was absent from our group on that day, so I had the most letters in my last name, with 6. I was the unfortunate victim. I actually HATE speaking in class in general. If I don’t know what to say depending on what the subject is, then I am not up for it, which is probabbbllyyyy most of the time.

At the end, the class had to post questions or comments about anything we have read in the book so far, and some of the comments that I have read were very true, and made a lot of sense. One student talked about something that particularly stood out to me. This student said “For some questions, there is just not a logical allusion meaningfully being used by the author. The author’s intent on writing the book was not to goad students to search for possible allusions through all parts of the book. The author’s intent on writing the book was to express part of his life in a manner that produced enjoyment and excitement from the readers.” I totally agreed with this. I mean, I don’t really care about why the author chose to use a semicolon instead of a comma, or if there’s an allusion to an event that can be left alone just fine without analyzing if there’s an allusion to it. In my opinion, I just think it’s really pointless..unless, obviously, it really is worth analyzing. Well, I guess English really does have many possibilities of imagination.

Oh, and I am soooo going to watch the movie for this book, definitely 🙂