Complaints, Complaints

Soooo, I’ve been hearing about this one particular complaint too much about “growing up” and I’d just like to say what I think about this for a little bit. Continue reading


Bloggers On a Roll

Finals week has just ended, yippee! Honestly, it has been very stressful. I’m pretty sure my grades aren’t going to look so good this semester. In English class, we were assigned to present our blogs and innovation projects as our final. Well, for the blogs, people have been posting their blogs on facebook asking people to check out their blogs, follow it, and like their posts. Naturally, I click on their blogs to see how cool it is and maybe follow it to get my dashboard be more interesting and alive. As I read some of the students’ posts, I realized that they really do have their own strong voices of opinion on different matters, and what they thought about things. I see them everyday in class, we all sit together in our little desks, and we just stare and listen to the teacher and just do school work, BORING. Our thoughts and personalities are silent. Well, unless some students’ talk a lot with other students, but most of us are silent. However, on their blog posts, it’s just like they’ve become a totally different person and they just let their personalities SHINE. To me, it was like “Wow, I didn’t know that.” I really admire the students’ intelligence, and how they “sound” like within their blog posts. I’m looking forward to many of their upcoming posts.

No, Not Now, Life

It all started the summer before sophomore year. I feared change. I didn’t know how I would handle things anymore. I moved to a different house with my mom, and suddenly, everything before me has changed. My perspective on life has changed so drastically, that I feel as if something about me has also changed. In fact, what the HECK did I even think about before all this, in terms of life? I fear the future. I fear it more than spiders, ghosts, or anything else. Once I’m 18, I’m on my own. I have the FREEDOM to do anything I want. But what would I do? How am I to handle myself, my adult status? I can’t help but imagine the summer before college. After college, I get a job, then what? I’d have to work for the rest of my 30-40 years of life! I also have this fear of being just like my parents. After everything that’s going on, I realize how messed up their thinking is, about everything. Well, not everything.

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