The Walking Dead Season 4 Ep. 9: After

OKAY OKAY I would just like to point out something that completely threw me off for a bit, because I thought it DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL. AT ALL. Not interested? Please ignore. WARNING: If you aren’t caught yet like me and don’t want any spoilers, then proceed no further.

I’ve been catching up on TWD cause it’s been like forever since I  watched the show. A little from the previous episode “Too Far Gone”…First, I was really disappointed when Hershel died. That’s it. It got to the point where I was just, shocked. I actually cried. Yes, this was very tragic for me. HOW COULD YOU PRODUCERS, AND DIRECTOR, HOW COULD YOU. Second, I was impressed with Rick’s speech before the stupid Governor chopped off (or almost) Hershel’s head.

Rick: “Is this what you want? What all of you want? I fought him before, and after, we took in his old friends, and they became leaders of what we have here. Put down your weapons, walk through those gates, and you’re one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone is alive right now. Everyone who made it this far, we’ve all done worse kinds of things just to stay alive – but we can still come back. We’re not too far gone.”

Governor: “Liar.” AND THEN BOOM. There goes Hershel.

Now, on to the most important thing that still doesn’t make sense to me. So Rick got shot in the leg, and he’s all weak, right? He’s supposed to be. After the massacre with the Gov. and Rick’s group, Carl and Rick found an abandoned house to temporarily stay in. Rick is practically sounding like a zombie from being too weak, and walking like one too, ya know, limping. When Carl was trying to wake his father Rick in one scene, Rick seemed already too weak (and probably dead) to wake up from his sleep. And after Carl went out for a bit and came back to sit next to his father, terrified and unable to kill him because he thought he was dead, RICK PRACTICALLY WAS ACTING FULL ON ZOMBIE MODE, TRYING TO GRAB CARL AND ALL. Until like a minute later he was like “Caaarrllll.”

And then after that when Carl went out again and came back again, MAGICALLY RICK SEEMED ALL PERFECTLY FINE AND TALKING WELL AND LOOKED CLEAN, I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Like, whhhhaaaattttttt. He was sitting next to Carl and seemed normal and talking……… what the heck. That logic still doesn’t make sense to me.

He’s all well again. YIPPEE. Amazing.