Rocky: A True Fighter

I recently watched an incredible movie in class which was.. Rocky! THE Rocky Balboa. The movie is about a middle-aged, Italian boxer who works for a loan shark name Anthony Gazzo. His love interest is Adrian, who is sister of Paulie. She is a clerk at a local pet shop, while her brother works as a meat packager. The movie is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rocky ultimately has a fighting match with the great Apollo Creed, who has never been defeated.

In the beginning of the movie, I was wondering where Rocky’s family were, he just seemed lonely and alone. But then I figured that at least his parents must have passed away, since he was gazing at the pictures.. Continue reading


16 Wishes

I watched the movie “16 Wishes” on Disney channel a couple years ago, and something in English class reminded me of this movie. It’s about a girl named Abby Jensen turning 16 on her birthday, and she has a created list of things she “wishes” to do or to have. On her birthday, a lady named Celeste comes and gives her 16 candles and a match. Celeste saw her list of wishes while she was exterminating Abby’s house when it suddenly had a giant group of wasps in the attic. the 16 candles is for Abby to wish for all the things she wishes for on her list. The rule is that she can only wish for one thing on her list per hour. As she wishes for all the things she wants, everything is suddenly perfect for her and things are going exactly the way she wants them to go. However, there were consequences. Her wishes actually made her life worse. The wish that really changed her life is “I wish people treated me like an adult.” From the very beginning, she was annoyed how her family wouldn’t leave her alone on her birthday, and how they still treated her like a kid. When she wished to be treated like an adult, she actually became an adult and suddenly had to get out of high school and live in her own apartment, and had no more friends since they were in a different age group and they wouldn’t know her. I really like how the movie focused on how she thought her parents didn’t treat her like an adult, and later had the main character wish to become an adult, so that the wishes actually don’t always go the way she wants them to go. This, I’m guessing, would be the theme of the movie.

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