My Escape

So… you wanna know why I watch SO MANY TV shows and movies? It’s because it’s my ESCAPE from everything. There’s just something about watching other characters leading on with their own lives that makes me so fascinated. It’s like watching lives that I can have in another world. OTPs are weird.. the enjoyment of watching other people falling in love. I love to watch TV shows and observe where the setting is, such as the olden times like Downton Abbey (that show is so good I’m surprised I wasn’t really interested in this before.. perhaps I thought it wouldn’t be my taste), or Smallville with its sort-of-rural like setting, or Doc Martin in Cornwall (It is always gorgeous in the show which is not like it is at all in real life). I always wonder what it would be like living somewhere like where Smallville is, mostly. I always wonder what’s it’s like leading a different life. But of course, they’re only TV shows. Oh yes, in the real world, we have to go to college and then get a job and blah blah blah. It’s a good thing I can have my own fantasies.


Australian Open Final

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Stanislas Wawrinka dominated (almost) the whole match. Second, there was a part of him- and I didn’t know that he could play so well that lead to the defeat of Rafael Nadal. And third, I was utterly and completely disappointed about what happened within the match.

First of all, I would like to say congratulations to Li Na for her win against Dominika Cibulkova. She led her 7-6, 6-0. I would have to say, that wasn’t a surprise at all. I remember her saying that her coach made her do a workout boot camp, and then I thought, wow, that all just payed off. She also said that she was going to quit, and boy, am I glad she didn’t.

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End of a Tale of Two Cities

The end of the Tale of Two Cities was really sad. I now have a lot of respect for Sydney Carton after he saved Charles Darnay from dying at the guillotine. The ending almost brought me to tears, and I thought that it was just really sad. He was so loyal to Lucie and he said that he would do anything for her, if she lets him. I realized that Carton really did love her. He was a lonely man and he just wanted to prove that he was capable of feeling love. This proves that love does conquer all.

Also, I’d like to point out that during a twitter chat that the whole English class had to do about the Tale of Two Cities, a girl tweeted that the three characters very closely represented the three characters of The Vampire Diaries: Carton as the poor lovely Damon, Darnay as Stefan, and Lucie as Elena. That just surprised me and I was really in awe of realization. Love makes us all crazy, and we are all capable of love.


Galaxy Quest

This movie is all about humor. Almost every scene is funny, and the movie really did get me laughing. It has five main characters, which are Jason Nesmith as the commander, Alexander Dane as the science officer, Fred Kwan as the chief engineer, Gwen DeMarco as the computer officer, and Tommy Webber as the child pilot. They’re all from a TV show in the movie, but then they discover that there really is a world of aliens and a real spaceship. My favorite parts were probably when the aliens or “Thermians” were being all weird. More hilarious parts were when the aliens were awkwardly waiting outside Jason’s house while he was sleeping, and when the pilot kept rearing the real spaceship to the side of the wall while trying to fly it out, making lots of screeching sounds. My English teacher showed us this movie to observe the type of humor that this movie has. I guess my class got to learn about the different types of humor on the day I was absent before we watched the movie, and I have no idea what the class learned. Some of the students thought it was funny, and maybe some didn’t, but I really liked the movie. It was a creative, whacky, different thing to learn about and enjoy in English.

Bloggers On a Roll

Finals week has just ended, yippee! Honestly, it has been very stressful. I’m pretty sure my grades aren’t going to look so good this semester. In English class, we were assigned to present our blogs and innovation projects as our final. Well, for the blogs, people have been posting their blogs on facebook asking people to check out their blogs, follow it, and like their posts. Naturally, I click on their blogs to see how cool it is and maybe follow it to get my dashboard be more interesting and alive. As I read some of the students’ posts, I realized that they really do have their own strong voices of opinion on different matters, and what they thought about things. I see them everyday in class, we all sit together in our little desks, and we just stare and listen to the teacher and just do school work, BORING. Our thoughts and personalities are silent. Well, unless some students’ talk a lot with other students, but most of us are silent. However, on their blog posts, it’s just like they’ve become a totally different person and they just let their personalities SHINE. To me, it was like “Wow, I didn’t know that.” I really admire the students’ intelligence, and how they “sound” like within their blog posts. I’m looking forward to many of their upcoming posts.

Criminal Minds

Hello guys!

There is just this incredible show that I’ve been watching and I’m currently trying to catch up on the seasons and it’s freaking awesome… CRIMINAL MINDS. I can’t believe it’s actually full of FEELS. I thought it was just going to be a bunch of criminals and killings and catching the criminals.. but nope. All the characters have philosophical perspectives, which is really nice because I’ve also just recently developed all these thoughts about life, and it’s nice to learn from the character’s views on life as well. Okay, this might sound like a really lame post because they’ve already got like, 9 seasons out already and I’m just NOW writing about it?! Haha. My favorite part about the show is probably when it’s at the end of an episode, and one of the characters say a meaningful quote. That is probably what keeps the feel of the show truly human, when the characters learn something at the end of the day. One quote that recently stuck out to me was “Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn, my God, do you learn.” -C.S. Lewis (This was said by JJ). It’s also incredible how the agents sometimes connect to their victims, emotionally by common tragedies, or the agents just UNDERSTAND what the victims are going through. I love this show so much. I’d be really sad when it ends. Some episodes can sure as heck get really creepy..

My house was an ocean of tears when Hotchner’s wife died.

Love, Itself.

The other day, my English class had a day of just talking about first dates, with a presentation. He told us to write down how our first dates went, or how we would want our first dates to be like. The most single line that he said really stood out to me. It was along the lines of “You need a partner that will be different from your friends.” I thought that this was very true. Because once we’ve all grown up, most of us will find a partner that we would spend the rest of our lives with. I always think how one day I will find the person that I will marry, and I will have to share my life with the person that I marry.  I’m still wondering how my first date will be like. It seems like not a lot of people actually go on dates anymore though. People just get asked out, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve grown more into the idea of dating. The funny thing is, one of my friends set me up on a blind “date.” I was joking when I told her that I wanted to go on a date though. The person I met did not work out with me, but we could’ve been friends? I now consider this a funny life experience.