How It Used to Be

We all have (or did have) that one friend that we’re close to. We talk to that person almost everyday about weird things, things that maybe other people won’t understand, which makes it special. And then suddenly, things change. People experience new things, meet new people, and “change.” I don’t really think people really “change.” I believe that they still have the same views as before, and think the same things as before. I believe that, they just changed how they act. I remember a Facebook status a few years ago stating “People change, get over it.” Yeah, yeah, we were still in middle school. Or an anon saying “Wow, you’ve changed” and the person replying with, “Yeah, people change.” See, they DO know that they’ve changed. They’ve just decided to change how they are towards people. You know you can’t do anything about it. If that’s the way are, that’s the way they will be. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS, AND THAT…

Life goes on, and maybe someday other situations will be worse to deal with. We’ll all go our separate ways, and things will carry on from there.

Life is as funny as it gets.


Love, Itself.

The other day, my English class had a day of just talking about first dates, with a presentation. He told us to write down how our first dates went, or how we would want our first dates to be like. The most single line that he said really stood out to me. It was along the lines of “You need a partner that will be different from your friends.” I thought that this was very true. Because once we’ve all grown up, most of us will find a partner that we would spend the rest of our lives with. I always think how one day I will find the person that I will marry, and I will have to share my life with the person that I marry.  I’m still wondering how my first date will be like. It seems like not a lot of people actually go on dates anymore though. People just get asked out, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve grown more into the idea of dating. The funny thing is, one of my friends set me up on a blind “date.” I was joking when I told her that I wanted to go on a date though. The person I met did not work out with me, but we could’ve been friends? I now consider this a funny life experience.


No, Not Now, Life

It all started the summer before sophomore year. I feared change. I didn’t know how I would handle things anymore. I moved to a different house with my mom, and suddenly, everything before me has changed. My perspective on life has changed so drastically, that I feel as if something about me has also changed. In fact, what the HECK did I even think about before all this, in terms of life? I fear the future. I fear it more than spiders, ghosts, or anything else. Once I’m 18, I’m on my own. I have the FREEDOM to do anything I want. But what would I do? How am I to handle myself, my adult status? I can’t help but imagine the summer before college. After college, I get a job, then what? I’d have to work for the rest of my 30-40 years of life! I also have this fear of being just like my parents. After everything that’s going on, I realize how messed up their thinking is, about everything. Well, not everything.

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“The only thing…

“The only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough of is love.” -Henry Miller

As I was being a creeper and reading a really long love/friendship confession post to a person on Facebook (yes I realize this sounds really bad and weird), I realized some pretty deep stuff.

I would like to say the person who posted this long confession is a friend of mine, who I see occasionally.  She was super nice in middle school and didn’t have any boyfriends or anything like that. She got along with all my friends, and we’d all be goofy together. I realize that times have changed and people are starting to try and experiment with new things. Honestly, I’m a little jealous of how she allows herself to experience new things in her life, and she’s not afraid to do that. At the same time, I admire her for how she IS changing and trying new things, because that must be one of the scariest things to do in life.

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