Rocky: A True Fighter

I recently watched an incredible movie in class which was.. Rocky! THE Rocky Balboa. The movie is about a middle-aged, Italian boxer who works for a loan shark name Anthony Gazzo. His love interest is Adrian, who is sister of Paulie. She is a clerk at a local pet shop, while her brother works as a meat packager. The movie is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rocky ultimately has a fighting match with the great Apollo Creed, who has never been defeated.

In the beginning of the movie, I was wondering where Rocky’s family were, he just seemed lonely and alone. But then I figured that at least his parents must have passed away, since he was gazing at the pictures..

There were many scenes that I really liked, which were..

1) Rocky and Adrian’s first date EVER:

This scene was so cute, I thought, although it looked really weird that he decided to run along with her instead of skating with her. I mean, he DID say that he skated before, so maybe if he skated along with her then it woulda made the scene 100x cuter, just saying. I can’t help but imagine how silly he’d look wobbling around with her in the skates though, BUT MAYBE she could accidentally crash into him and then there’d be this whole gooey moment when they’re both lying on the ground with their bodies collided with each other, and Adrian would think it’s all awkward. Okay, maybe that would be too much of a cliche but YOU KNOW.

2) Yes, the super awkward, uncomfortable scene:

So there was a talk about THIS one particular scene when we were finished with the movie. A lot of people found it to be really awkward, which in this case, I’d have to agree on. First of all, she was soo shy in the beginning. When he tried to talk to her in the pet shop she wouldn’t even say anything, then when he went by to her house to pick her up on her date, she didn’t even want to go.. she was trying to hide away from him. And now he expected her to be comfortable all of sudden with just the two of them alone in his apartment, and he’s doing all these gestures which would add to the already super uncomfortable state Adrian was in. But, I think that this scene really helped her to come out of her shell and be more comfortable being around him, and maybe other people in general. To be honest, at first I wasn’t really affected by this scene much, I was rather quite enjoying this cause it’s LOVE.. I’m just that type of person. Also, I’m just wondering how he had an interest in such a quiet shy person like Adrian. It’s just the wonders of “What drove him to find such an interest in her? What????” because she didn’t initiate anything and so far in the movie I didn’t find anything interesting about her, let alone really know ANYTHING about her. A few people were wondering how she was so comfortable afterwards with Rocky in a later scene, well time probably went by and so it showed that she was then able to be more comfortable.

3) Paulie being violent and out of control in his apartment:

This was probably the most important scene to me because I was amazed and surprised at how Adrian was finally able to let go of her thoughts and really mean what she had to say about her life and just the situation that she was put in, in her life. Paulie was saying how Adrian doesn’t do anything for him and whatnot, and then all of a sudden she just lets go and screams at him how she does all his laundry and cooks his meals. I thought that this scene was very powerful. It really showed her character development from this shy quiet woman to a somebody who is able to finally stand up for herself and speak her mind. I was thinking “God, what a loser of a guy to depend on somebody to do all the things he should do for himself as an adult.” She was basically like a mother doing all the work around the house. I’m really glad Rocky didn’t try to stop the situation, I really wanted her to come out as a strong woman and speak her mind. She just had about enough; it was a good thing for her to experience a new part of her life after being stuck doing dirty work for her brother all the time.

4) Lastly, the scene toward the end when Rocky tells Adrian that he doesn’t expect to win the fight with Apollo Creed, but wants to go the distance with him, which no fighter ever did:

This scene is so important. I think this was the whole message of the entire movie, which was to NEVER give up. Yeah, you’ve heard this SO MANY TIMES, but it’s true. It means that even though you don’t succeed, at least you’ll know that you’ve tried your hardest and your best, and never gave up. In this case, Rocky knew that Apollo Creed is the greatest boxer and that he wouldn’t beat him, but he wanted to do something that nobody ever could do, which was to hang on in the fight. Usually, Apollo’s opponents would be knocked out easily in the first few rounds, but Rocky proved that he was different. He hung around for so many later rounds. Even though he was tired and beat up, he knew he couldn’t just stop; he had to keep going for however long. Even if he didn’t win, he knew he was a winner at heart, he knew that he had accomplished something that no fighter was able to do. A lot of students were wondering why he didn’t just WIN the match, and one thing my teacher had said was true. There really wouldn’t be the same excitement for the second movie, would there? Like, “what happens next? Is there a rematch?” Rocky is an incredible fighter, no doubt about that.

I didn’t really go over the more possibly important scenes of the movie, such as the scene when Micky comes and visits Rocky in his apartment talking to him. I thought that really was a really important scene that should be talked about, but I figured that people have already talked about that scene too many times, and I don’t really have any thoughts on it. Other than it was really intense when Rocky was yelling from his apartment, and I felt kinda sorry for Mick cause he was older and he didn’t look so good for a split second. To be honest, I was a lot more into the lives of Rocky and Adrian and her brother, and the scenes that were happening before the big fight that were more about life. But Ultimately, the fighting is what was initially really focused on.

Okay, that’s all of my thoughts on the movie. It’s got me into wanting to watch the sequels now, I REALLY want to know what happens later on. I read that Adrian got pregnant in the second movie, and I’m just like “WOW SHE IS REALLY COMFORTABLE WITH HIM NOW CONGRATULATIONS.” Hahaha. And PLEASE, if you REALLY think this is a spoiler then you better rethink your life cause the second movie was out about ancient times ago so don’t even start with me, even though you might not have watched the second movie yet. Just saying.

Alright, bye everyone!






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