Complaints, Complaints

Soooo, I’ve been hearing about this one particular complaint too much about “growing up” and I’d just like to say what I think about this for a little bit.

I know in the teenage mind, we don’t want to think about the future because it’s probably not going to be the way things are right now, and it’s going to be absolutely different. Most of us will eventually to go to college, find a job, pay our own taxes and house bills, pay off loans, worry about finding “the one” or having relationship problems… and that pretty much sums up the end of your whole adult life, right? Wrong. You know what? There’s a whole lot more to life than just worrying about all these stressful things as an adult. I mean, WHO KNOWS what the future may hold. Maybe you’ll grow up and have a family, and then weird or crazy adventures will take place from there. Maybe..yeah, you’re single, but you’re still casually having fun (How I Met Your Mother..totally, right there). Maybe you’ll, I don’t know, win the lottery or something and become rich as heck (but i doubt that, maybe).

The point is, try not to make the idea of growing up and the experience of reality such a stressful thing. EMBRACE IT. Let life take its course for you. I know that being an adult IS stressful with all the responsibilities that you’re gonna have to face, but you can still enjoy doing things you did when you were a teenager, juuust with more responsibilities. There’s a 100% chance you will still enjoy lots of nice movies with the love of your life, or go on fun vacations with your friends or family, or go see a spectacular play in New York. We can’t just sit and pout about eventually growing up and having these responsibilities all the time. And you know what’s nice about being an adult? You get to have all these life experiences, and have a more open mind about things.

And hey, if you DO have kids of your own, you can watch THEM suffer about life and the parents “OH my parents want me do to THIS AND THAT and OH they want me to be THIS AND THAT and OH they don’t UNDERSTAND and OH my friends were such jerks and OH my boyfriend/girlfriend broke my heart MY LIFE IS OVER…” etc etc. You can even reflect back on your life and tell them what you thought as a teenager.

Just think of the characters of How I Met Your Mother..I mean they’re ALL adults but they still find fun in their lives, right? Even though it’s more unrealistic but one of the best TV shows out there with a god awful ending (Ha, just kidding..kinda). Another would be the crazy married couple of Everybody Loves Raymond, with their funny daily marriage problems. OKAY OKAY, they’re JUST TV shows, but I wanted to throw them out there just cause of the crazy TV show maniac that I am. See? LIFE WILL NOT BE OVER.

Hope I’ve inspired you teenagers a little?

Til’ next time..see yall’s later.




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