My Escape

So… you wanna know why I watch SO MANY TV shows and movies? It’s because it’s my ESCAPE from everything. There’s just something about watching other characters leading on with their own lives that makes me so fascinated. It’s like watching lives that I can have in another world. OTPs are weird.. the enjoyment of watching other people falling in love. I love to watch TV shows and observe where the setting is, such as the olden times like Downton Abbey (that show is so good I’m surprised I wasn’t really interested in this before.. perhaps I thought it wouldn’t be my taste), or Smallville with its sort-of-rural like setting, or Doc Martin in Cornwall (It is always gorgeous in the show which is not like it is at all in real life). I always wonder what it would be like living somewhere like where Smallville is, mostly. I always wonder what’s it’s like leading a different life. But of course, they’re only TV shows. Oh yes, in the real world, we have to go to college and then get a job and blah blah blah. It’s a good thing I can have my own fantasies.


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