Galaxy Quest

This movie is all about humor. Almost every scene is funny, and the movie really did get me laughing. It has five main characters, which are Jason Nesmith as the commander, Alexander Dane as the science officer, Fred Kwan as the chief engineer, Gwen DeMarco as the computer officer, and Tommy Webber as the child pilot. They’re all from a TV show in the movie, but then they discover that there really is a world of aliens and a real spaceship. My favorite parts were probably when the aliens or “Thermians” were being all weird. More hilarious parts were when the aliens were awkwardly waiting outside Jason’s house while he was sleeping, and when the pilot kept rearing the real spaceship to the side of the wall while trying to fly it out, making lots of screeching sounds. My English teacher showed us this movie to observe the type of humor that this movie has. I guess my class got to learn about the different types of humor on the day I was absent before we watched the movie, and I have no idea what the class learned. Some of the students thought it was funny, and maybe some didn’t, but I really liked the movie. It was a creative, whacky, different thing to learn about and enjoy in English.


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