End of a Tale of Two Cities

The end of the Tale of Two Cities was really sad. I now have a lot of respect for Sydney Carton after he saved Charles Darnay from dying at the guillotine. The ending almost brought me to tears, and I thought that it was just really sad. He was so loyal to Lucie and he said that he would do anything for her, if she lets him. I realized that Carton really did love her. He was a lonely man and he just wanted to prove that he was capable of feeling love. This proves that love does conquer all.

Also, I’d like to point out that during a twitter chat that the whole English class had to do about the Tale of Two Cities, a girl tweeted that the three characters very closely represented the three characters of The Vampire Diaries: Carton as the poor lovely Damon, Darnay as Stefan, and Lucie as Elena. That just surprised me and I was really in awe of realization. Love makes us all crazy, and we are all capable of love.



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