About Time

Hello There! I hope you all had a great weekend. My aunt and uncle came to visit me and my brother today (finally!) We went to see a movie called About Time. I absolutely loved the storyline and everything. I thought Rachel McAdams and Domnhall Gleeson (the main character) did a really good job in their roles.

Domnhall’s character, Tim, is kind of an awkward guy who wants a girlfriend, and he gets one later on. He then marries her, and has a family with her. BUT, he didn’t get his wife so easily. He had to do A LOT to get things perfect. Tim’s father told him that the men in the family are able to go back in time. Tim doesn’t believe it at first, but when he tried and went back in time by going in a closet and closing his eyes and it happened, he believed it. As you can guess, he really took advantage of this. There were times when Tim went back in time to fix a mistake, but something else had to change also. When that something else changed, Tim didn’t like it, and so he went back in time, accepted the mistake, and moved on. There were numerous times he fixed mistakes that turned out to be perfect, but I think the other changes that happened were the significant parts in developing the theme of the movie. I believe the theme at the end of the movie is to live life to the fullest, enjoy life, and accept whatever comes. Go with the flow, because not everything will be perfect. I really admired how close Tim was with his family. I love to see close family relationships.https://i1.wp.com/img.gawkerassets.com/img/18vlr80cn52smjpg/original.jpg

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that this movie was somewhat similar to another movie called Ruby Sparks. The main character in the movie has the ability to control a girl, and can make her do anything he wants her to do. This is because she is his imagination, and he WRITES about her, which is how he can control her. This way, he can make her just the way he wants her to be, and everything would be perfect. Both movies focus on things going exactly the way the main character wants things to go, but in the very end, things are just the way they are.

One more thing.. the movie referred to Harry Potter names like Rupert, Harry, and Hagrid, and I thought that was so weird.. but when I googled the main actor I saw that he was in Harry Potter as a minor character. I thought that was cool.


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