What If..?

In class yesterday, I was working on a “What If” project with two other friends. The “What If” project is something that would change people’s lives by helping them change for the better from an invention, for ex: walking up a staircase that made piano noises; this would make people want to take the stairs rather than the elevator because the sound of music on the stairs is really interesting and entertaining. Therefore, people will get more exercise and still have fun.

If it weren’t for the person in my group that actually comes up with great ideas, I’d probably still be sitting around not knowing what idea to have for my “What If” project. While we were in the discussion for our ideas, I realized that anything could be possible. It is always possible to make the impossible things possible. Also, I admired how creative and smart the person that thought up of all the ideas is. I probably never would have thought up of the ideas that she came up with. Well, we’re still in the process of actually knowing what we’re doing the “What If” project on, but I know we’re gonna do it on something amazing. Image




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