Well, today was just not my day.

During chemistry class, we had to do a few math problems involving the periodic table, and I was absolutely lost in solving them.  So what did I do? I got help from the teacher, of course. Now, this is a teacher that not exactly everyone likes. I was a little scared to be getting help from him since I myself find a disliking to him. It’s mainly cause of his personality. When he helped me with the math problems, I understood how to do the problems a lot more, but I felt really bad that I didn’t understand how to do them. So I ended up getting out a few tears. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really get any help whatsoever from my fellow classmates, and at that point I REALLY wished a friend of mine would be in the same class together, suffering in an awful class together.

Every single day, after 2nd period, I dread on having to come to my chemistry class. It’s boring, and the teacher gets on my nerves.

“Chemistry? More like chemMYSTERY cause I have no idea what’s going on.”

Ohh yes, this was indeed from the almighty tumblr.



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